Street Photography Workshops

by Keith Moss

Discover the essence of photography in some of Europe’s most exciting cities. Immerse yourself in culture and leave feeling enlightened and inspired, taking with you a stunning variety of images to add to your collection.

Keith Moss Street Photography
Keith Moss Street Photography
Keith Moss Street Photography
Keith Moss Street Photography
Keith Moss Street Photography
Keith Moss Street Photography

Discover Street Photography

Hi I’m Keith and I run a selection of street photography workshops in the UK including Manchester’s Northern Quarter and the city of Edinburgh. From my studio in North Yorkshire I also offer fine art semi- nude photography workshops as well as studio portraiture workshops.

I live in a beautiful part of the world so to show it off I run landscape photography workshops too in the beautiful county of Yorkshire and Northumberland.

I’ve been a professional advertising photographer for nearly 30 years now, working nationally and internationally, in many different areas of photography and for many blue chip clients.

I’ve worked with some of the industry’s most prestigious brands, Leica UK, Phase One, and am proud to be an Ilford Photo Artisan Partner.

I’m a photography mentor to professional photographers and lecture at several universities’ also appearing at Focus on Imaging and Photo Romania.

Teaching style

I can’t avoid using the old cliché being passionate about photography because I am, it’s been my life for so long and I love people so passing on the skills I have learned over the last 30 years is a dream for me. I care about creating the best environment to learn for each person I teach. Feeling comfortable is so important to the development of each and every one of us.

I teach by example in a relaxed manner, I use plain, uncomplicated language, there are no silly questions. I work in small groups which allows me to give you the time you deserve to understand and develop and find your own way. Finally I enjoy having a laugh.. Why not..

Travel and accommodation

We are happy to help and advise with your travel and accommodation,  

Interested? Contact Keith directly at –

Keith Moss

"Street photography workshops takes you on an exciting cultural adventure in some of my favourite cities . We immerse you in the culture of the city's we visit.” "Keith Moss"

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Keith finds out what you already know and works from there. His explanations are straight forward and are not filled with photographic jargon. After the initial preparation (vital for street photography, as we learnt) it was off to lurk amongst the residents and visitors of Edinburgh. Keith explained a couple of effective techniques rather than overwhelm us with lots of possibilities, That way there was ample time to learn and to practice - and to get some interesting shots too. Having a very small group allowed for plenty of one-to-one interaction and drew less attention to us as we moved around the city and practiced. You learn a lot - probably more than you realise at the time.

Roger Fairholm