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Photography Workshops

Street photography workshops with Keith Moss
£200 per person

Street Photography Workshops

I will teach you how to overcome your fear, how to engage with strangers on the street, how to spot the people you can and cannot take photographs of before you stop them. I teach you how to make somebody comfortable once you have stopped them how to read their body language so that when you start photographing them, they feel amazingly comfortable. how to capture their true personality and more importantly how to have a positive experience both with the person you have chosen to photograph and yourself.

Monochrome and dark room workshops with Keith Moss
£350 per person

Dark Room Photography Workshops

My darkroom workshop takes place in one of the country’s best hidden secret's Saltburn by the sea, one of the gems in the Northeast coast in the morning after coffee we will set out and expose a roll of film in this wonderful area, after lunch its back to the darkroom to learn how to develop the role of film. Here you will learn about chemistry and various techniques of how process your film. This 2 day workshop covers everything you will need to know about monochrome and dark room photography.

Online workshops with Keith Moss
£60 per hour

Online Workshops

Are you taking photographs that you are not happy with and do not understand how to fix them, do you want to get it right in the camera without having to sit in front of a computer for hours to get what you want?

Are you just looking to improve your photography skill, learn the basics or even looking to turn professional?

Landscape photography workshops with Keith Moss
£200 per person

Landscape Photography Workshops

There are some stunning landscapes in god’s own county of Yorkshire, I will guide and inspire you teaching you how to capture stunning landscapes, I'll teach you about composition, how to connect different parts of the landscape together, teach you how to use camera filters and how to assess the correct exposure. I will also help you simple steps in adobe lightroom on the day out in the field to complement and finish the process of taking a stunning landscape.

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