What is a Photography Mentor?

Updated: Mar 8

There are many ways to improve your photography, but few are better than learning from a mentor. This approach requires commitment and effort from both the mentor and student, a strong relationship between mentor and photographer is a must.

A photography mentor is typically a trusted and experienced professional who must have the necessary photography experience. They will provide structure and guidance and enlightenment to your development as a photographer.

A mentor will look at more than just your best images. They will look at your portfolio, your hopes, your goals and dreams over time and help you to reach them through practical experience, reviews and planning.

The question is ‘Do I Need a Mentor?’

We all need a mentor no matter at what stage in our photography career or journey we are. Having a photography mentor will be beneficial whether we are a professional or amateur; having a mentor is typically a more involved, in-depth experience than going on a workshop or being in a camera club. It is important to ask yourself why you want or need a photography mentor.

Setting Photography Goals.

One of the primary reasons photographers look for a mentor is to help them achieve their goals. This could be “I want to be a professional portrait, wedding or commercial photographer”, or “you might want to publish a book” or just become a better landscape photographer. It is also worth thinking about what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Once you have your goals you need to set objectives that will help you. You may already have an idea of what these might be, or you may end up agreeing what they are together with your mentor. Either way, your objectives should be specific, realistic, and measurable. By achieving your objectives, you will soon find reaching your goals more achievable.

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