Urban Exploration Photography is not something I have done for a long time, well it’s been a few years actually.  So I was going up to Scotland, Inverness to be exact, to work with Ffordes Photographic the best camera shop in the world..probably. I’m doing a street photography workshop and urban exploration photography in large format workshop too, exciting times as Scotland is by far one of my favourite places.

Simon Riddell had organised the day ahead, here is his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/simon.riddell.104he is already an accomplished photographer and after the day we spent together I know I have a friend for life.  

March in the highlands of Scotland you can expect a little rain and right on key, as we set off, it was pouring down. Our first location was about an hour from Inverness it was called Nigg Point and was the home to two rather large second world war gun emplacements. A real treat to shoot. We spent some time capturing images on our large format cameras. I used my new Intrepid 5×4 camera  which I have to say is very light weight at around 2 lbs this was one of the reasons I bought it, I will do a review on this camera later.

Film used was Ilford FP4 one of my favorite films for large format photography, I had also sneaked into my bag a 5×4 pinhole camera which shoots a very wide angle indeed, this made for a different, alternative view. Most of the mornings work at that location was undercover and thankfully out of the rain and apart from some inquisitive cows watching what we were doing the morning passed rather quickly, which often happens when your having fun as well as being stimulated with amazing surroundings.

After lunch it was off to location two, a very large shed where it seems at one point was an oil pumping station. There were three lorries which had all of the cabs burnt out, graffiti covered the rest of what was left, a truly amazing location for a spot of urban exploration photography. I love these types of locations and large format photography as they fit hand in glove because large format photography is slow and methodical and makes you really think and connect with your subject matter, it’s something to savour and take your time over.

Over the course of the whole day I had taken 10 exposures, 6 on the Intrepid large format camera and 4 on my 5×4 pinhole camera. What a fantastic day. I processed the FP4 sheet film in ID11 for 10 minutes at 20c. Take a look at the results..

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