The Nikon Compact L35 Af2 Review...You can't go wrong!

The Nikon L 35 AF 2 Compact camera was everything consumers wanted and more. Small, durable, simple, and affordable, it also offered something it’s competitors lacked; a fantastic lens. Touted by Nikon as a Professional specification lens, the 35mm F/2.8 was built to be fast and sharp and it certainly is for a compact anyway.

Nikon Compact L35 Af2

The glass combined with a number of automatic features, including Nikon’s first ever auto-focus system in a compact camera, automatic metering and automatic aperture control. The design was robust, it had an automatic pop-up flash and automatic film wind on. This created the first of a new era of Nikon automated compact cameras. The L35AF was a promising camera for a new type of photographer.

I have used the Nikon L 35 AF 2 camera on many occasions, in particular for street photography. It is also my ‘every day/take anywhere camera and it's a little gem!

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Ok, so the autofocus is very crude by today's standards, but it works and it works every time, even when you think it's misfired or it's miss focused! You'll find it hasn't, it nails it every time. It's an absolutely great point and shoot camera and also really good for travellers who are just wanting a compact reliable camera with a fantastic sharp lens.

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The design is really cool and retro and feels great in your hand. Not too bulky, yet not too small, it has very simple controls and is very easy to use. It's also a very robust bit of kit if dropped, it'll still work. The viewfinder is very bright and clean to look through. The lens of which I have spoken about before, is a perfect length and it's 35ml perfect for street photography and for doing portraits or travel photography. It's fast and bright at f 2.8 and also very sharp. The pop-up flash is very usable for indoors unlike most compact cameras. The Nikon L 35 AF2 flash has good power and will handle most indoor situations certainly with 400 iso film in.


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It’s also possible to use 46mm diameter filters to aid artistic shooting. These screw-on filters will be familiar to any photographer shooting film. The metering window is located within the circumference of the camera’s filter thread so any adjustment to light produced by fitted filters will be naturally calibrated and calculated by the camera.

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Put simply…. All and all this is one of the best pro spec lens compact cameras out there. You can’t go wrong!

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