The daily life of a street photographer in lockdown

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping safe and well. As you all know I’m a street photographer and I run street photography workshops and city photography tours in the UK and Europe, so as you can guess, at the moment and for the foreseeable future, like the rest of us I’m in lockdown.

Like most businesses, it’s incredibly hard at the moment with income being none existent. So what am I going to do? Well, for now, I am changing the way I work. Luckily I live in a lovely rural area where I can avoid coming into contact with people, so I do go for a small walk when I can and when I do I take a camera, a roll of film and shoot it as I walk. I am teaching myself to look and see things differently and notice nature more and the world that surrounds me. Studying what’s around me, finding a different way of capturing it, a different angle maybe or finding something wonderful to photograph that I wouldn’t have noticed before. Yes, I do photograph landscapes, which I love, but they are normally sweeping landscapes and huge vistas, this is different and it feels different as I’m working in what feels like a smaller space if you know what I mean. I’m loving it, it really has made me think differently.

It’s then back to the darkroom where I develop the film and again experimenting with different chemistry and extending my knowledge of the wonderful world of alchemy in the darkroom. I’ve had the time to test new films and papers and work with old out of date films, it’s been really exciting and interesting and is keeping me positive.

On then to scanning the negs so I can upload them onto the internet and finally printing in the darkroom, again extending my knowledge of different papers and chems, I’m making the most of my time to learn new skills and refresh old ones on a daily basis.

I’m also processing films for other people which I’m really enjoying, and it helps earn a bit of cash for the business. I’m also formulating a plan for when the restrictions are lifted so that hopefully my business can start again and prosper.

It’s so important for me and for all of us to try and keep our creativity alive, our minds exercised and our mental health positive using the discipline of working each day and having a purpose while looking forward to the day the restrictions will be lifted.

Take care everyone and stay safe…

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