Why use a photography coach/mentor?   


£35.00 per hour.

Online/virtual coaching sessions available for digital or film photographers.


Someone once told me way back when I first started in photography that you always pay for experience one way or another.. I ignored it being a young head strong man. 


Over the last 35 years, it has come home to roost many times as I’ve wasted many thousands of pounds on buying what I thought I needed and wasted hundreds of hours struggling to try to learn how to do things myself when really I didn’t need to, all I needed to do was to speak to someone who had been through the same situation as I was going through.


No matter how experienced we are, we all need a mentor at some point. It will save you so much time, money, and frustration. So I am offering to share my experience of over 35 years of being a successful professional photographer with you. I can save you time and money by helping and guiding you through any situation you find yourself in. Whether that be help with equipment choice for a specific shoot or software, which package will work best for me. Preparing for a shoot, as in is this your first wedding assignment or portrait shoot. Direction.. how do I find my direction? do I concentrate on street photography? landscape or portraits? or are you just starting out and simply need practical advice on how or where to start or do you need help with confidence. All of these questions and many more, I can help you with.

Photography can be a solitary hobby or profession and sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees, not knowing which way to turn, sometimes lacking in confidence and nervous about making the wrong choice.


You are not on your own and believe it or not I do understand as I’ve been there many times. So if you think I can help get in touch.

A session can last anything from 1 hour to a series of 1-hour bookings. 


From Charles Morgan

Keith is a superb photographer and teacher, and his ability to relate has materially improved my photography and developing over the years. He is intelligent, empathetic and with a real understanding of how to communicate the creative process. I can highly recommend him as a mentor!

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