Why use a photography mentor?   £60.00 per hour.

Professional photography mentoring for beginners and professional photographers.


Someone once told me way back when I first started in photography that you always pay for experience one way or another… I ignored it, being a young headstrong man. 


Over the last 35 years, it has come home to roost many times as I have wasted many thousands of pounds on buying what I thought I needed and wasted hundreds of hours struggling to try to learn how to do things myself when really, I did not need to. All I needed to do was to speak to a photography mentor who had been through the same situation as I was going through.


How I can help you.

No matter how experienced we are, we all need a mentor at some point. It will save you so much time, money and frustration. I am offering to share my experience of over 35 years of being a successful professional photographer in many different fields with you. I can save you time and money by helping and guiding you through any situation you find yourself in.

  • Personal help and advice when you need it.

  • Equipment choice.

  • The best software to use for your particular field.

  • Help with finding your direction.

  • Help you to move on to the next level.

  • Help you to prepare for a shoot or an assignment.

  • Help to give you the confidence when you need it.

Don't feel frustrated when there’s help at the end of a zoom call.

​Photography can be a solitary hobby or profession and sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees, not knowing which way to turn, lacking in confidence and nervous about making the wrong choice.


You are not on your own and believe it or not I do understand as I have been there many times where I have needed a professional photography mentor.

One of my first professional jobs


My first professional job was to go down to the south coast to where they grew tomatoes for a large supermarket. My brief was shoot tomatoes at a jaunty angle for the front cover of a national magazine and produce enough images for an 8 page insert.

I was shocked and nervous, what do I do? What equipment do I need? how much time do I have to do the shoot? I asked for clarification only to have the brief re sent with no added information at all. So I had to work it out, in the end the solution was simple, I met with the owner of the company and talked to him and more importantly listened to him about what he wanted from the images and how he wanted the company to be portrayed. Job done the client and the owner of the company were very happy with the images and I carried on working for the magazine.


Life would have been so much simpler and less stressful for me if I had had someone I could have turned to for help, someone who had been in that situation before.


Get in touch ​now… Save yourself time and money.

A session can last anything from 1 hour to a series of 1-hour bookings. 

Don't dilly dally and be disappointed BOOK NOW.

My experience


Over the last 35 years I have had so much experience working as a professional photographer in so many fields such as the food and drink industry, hotels, music, fashion, advertising, PR, shooting large stadiums, corporate portraiture, social portraiture, model portfolios, street photography, landscape photography and many more. If I cannot help you, I will say so..


From Charles Morgan November 2020

Keith is a superb photographer and teacher, and his ability to relate has materially improved my photography and developing over the years. He is intelligent, empathetic and with a real understanding of how to communicate the creative process. I can highly recommend him as a mentor!.

From Mary Rogers Dec 2020

I can recommend Keith for mentoring. He shares vast photographic knowledge whilst he encourages confidence in and helps others develop their own photographic journey. His mentoring is suitable for all abilities. He is a great listener and if you take a look at his website it is here that you will recognise for Keith content is King. His images connect, mean something and will always stand the test of time. I really look forward to my weekly zoom mentoring and look forward to getting out and about into the landscapes and communities on the East Coast after Covid. Photography for me is a release from Caring for my daughter who has additional needs it helps me have something for me. Keith will help you see the world through the lens.

From Professional photographer Sarah Deen

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