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Street Photography

Most people find street photography scary; how do you point a camera at somebody without having a confrontation. If this is how you feel, then I have the street photography workshop for you.

I will teach you how to overcome your fear, how to engage with strangers on the street, how to spot the people you can and cannot take photographs of before you stop them. I teach you how to make somebody comfortable once you have stopped them how to read their body language so that when you start photographing them, they feel amazingly comfortable. how to capture their true personality and more importantly how to have a positive experience both with the person you have chosen to photograph and yourself.

It starts with preparation how to prepare yourself and your camera before you set off on your journey on the streets next is how to observe, what to look for on the streets, how to see what is happening at that moment and what is about to happen before it happens so that you are prepared and ready to grab that perfect shot. next it is down to how to react when you place your camera to your eye, how you react with people, how to stop people how to make them comfortable, so that it becomes a positive experience from both sides of the fence.

My Street Photography Workshops take in some of the spectacular streets of Manchester and Edinburgh, just book your favourite city below and I will see you there

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