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Dark Room Photography Workshop

Dark Room Photography

The artisan art of analogue monochrome photography is a beautiful, engaging process taking you on an addictive path to expressing yourself and creating an individual piece of art. - Keith Moss.

My darkroom workshop introduces you to black and white film photography and darkroom techniques, the objective is to give you a good grounding, base from which you can grow, and develop as a monochrome photographer, using black and white film.

It is especially important to understand how to expose film correctly as well as how to develop film correctly and then go on to print it in the darkroom.

On my two-day darkroom workshop.

My darkroom workshop takes place in one of the country’s best hidden secret's Saltburn by the sea, one of the gems in the Northeast coast in the morning after coffee we will set out and expose a roll of film in this wonderful area, after lunch its back to the darkroom to learn how to develop the role of film. Here you will learn about chemistry and various techniques of how process your film.

Later in the first day you will then learn how to produce a contact sheet using Ilford multigrade resin coated paper.

On day 2 we will start by assessing the contact sheet produced from the previous day. Once we have chosen our image, we will then look at the skills and techniques needed to produce our first print of the day. We will look at producing test that we can assess the correct exposure and the best grade to achieve a beautiful print. Along the way we will also look at various printing techniques these will include how to dodge and burn, how to do a split grade print, and the effects of different types of chemistry too.

When the Darkroom Workshop is over, you will have a good understanding of the processes needed to create a beautiful black and white print. Everything we produce on both days will be yours to take home.

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