Beginners Large Format Landscape Photography Workshop in Yorkshire.  £245


1- Day Large format landscape photography workshop. Start time is 10am finish approx 5pm.

This large format landscape photography workshop is for beginners and takes place on Yorkshires stretch of rugged white cliffs Flamborough is a landscape photographer's paradise. We will visit and photograph the iconic first bay, then onto Thornwick bay before visiting and two ancient lighthouses.  This Special Area of Conservation is a haven for anyone wanting to create beautiful landscapes.

What you will learn


On this  1-day large format landscape workshop, you will learn how to see a landscape, looking at the landscape from different angles, composition, how to frame a landscape, important elements to include in the frame to build a beautiful landscape.  You will learn about what filters to use to enhance the scene and how to take an accurate light reading using a handheld light meter. You will learn how the movement of a large format camera works, and which ones are appropriate to use.

  • learn how to see a landscape.

  • learn and understand composition.

  • learn about the exposure triangle.

  • learn what elements to include to create a beautiful landscape.

  • learn about filters and how and when to use them.

  • learn how to assess the perfect exposure using a handheld light meter. 

  • learn about the movements of a large format camera, and when to use them.

Who is this large format landscape photography workshop for?

This landscape workshop is for photographers who want to learn how to shoot large format cameras in a beautiful if not unusual part of the North Yorkshire coast. It's for beginners as well as experienced landscape photographers who want to try large format photography. If you would like to try the wonderful world of large format photography Keith will lend you an Intrepid 5x4 large format camera and lens.

The workshop starts at 10 am and will finish at around 4 pm.

Don't dilly dally and be disappointed BOOK NOW.

If you require accommodation, we can point you in the right direction too.


Please bring sensible footwear and clothing for the time of year.


If you need any more information you can contact Keith directly on +44 (0) 7454 286 443 or email him at


Is there an age limit to attend the course?

Yes, participants must be 18 or above. If younger they must be accompanied by an appropriate adult. 

What to bring?

Don't forget Keith can lend you a large format camera and lens if you wish to try the art of large format photography.

  • large format camera if you have one. 

  • Standard lens and wide angle lens.

  • Filter holder and any filter you may have.

  • Tripod and cable release. 

  • Suitable clothing and footwear.

  • Nice to bring but optional: standard lens, light meter.