2 Day Darkroom Printing Workshop.  £295

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2- Day darkroom printing workshop. Start time is 10am finish approx 5pm both days.

This two-day darkroom printing workshop will guide you through the process of shooting film, processing it, creating a contact sheet and then printing one of your images in the darkroom to take home. If you’ve always fancied having a go at shooting film and working in the darkroom but don’t own a film camera Keith will provide one for you.

We’ll take a roll of Ilford film and go into Saltburn by the Sea, one of the jewels of the North Yorkshire Coast to get some great images. Return back to the studio and darkroom to process the film, produce a contact sheet and create a print of your work to take home.


Keith has been shooting black and white film now for over 35 years and in 2012 was approached by Ilford Photo to become one of their Analogue Artisan Partners to teach film photography and of course to spread the word about this wonderful medium of photography, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.


What you will learn.


Day One


On the first morning of your 2 day darkroom printing workshop you’ll spend some time getting some great shots in Saltburn by the Sea where you will learn how to assess the correct exposure using a handheld light meter rather than using the camera’s light meter. The consistency of achieving the correct exposure every time is paramount.

  • You will shoot a roll of black and white film with Keith.

  • learn how to use a hand held light meter and assess the correct exposure.

  • learn about chemistry for processing black and white film. 

  •  learn how to process black and white film.

  • learn how to produce a contax sheet.


Back in the darkroom you will learn about what chemicals to use and how to mix and use them to process your own film, whilst giving you an overview of the different effects the chemistry, timings and temperatures will have on the finished negative. You will learn how to produce a contact sheet from which we will review your images and choose the one you would like to print to take home.


Day Two.


The second day of your darkroom workshop is all about printing. So having chosen the image you would like to print Keith will take you through the next stage which is choosing the chemistry and the paper. Keith will show you how to use an enlarger and explain the importance of safelights, next how to make test strips and how to use them to assess how you are going to print your final print which will include paper grade choice, correct exposure, dodging and burning and split grade printing.

  • You will learn about paper chemistry.

  •  from your contax sheet, you will choose an image to print.

  • Learn how to do test strips.

  • Create your first print.

  • learn how to dodge and burn.

  • learn how to split grade print.


Throughout the two days you are encouraged you to ask as many questions as possible so that when you leave you have had a richly rewarding experience, filled with enthusiasm and eager to continue your journey is an analogue photographer and darkroom technician.


“The artisan art of analogue black and white photography is a beautiful, engaging process taking you on an addictive path to expressing yourself and creating an individual piece of art.” Keith Moss.


This 2-day darkroom workshop would make a great gift for the photographer in your life who would like the experience of shooting film and working in a darkroom so if you would like to buy this workshop as a gift please get in touch and Keith will organise a gift voucher for you.


If you have any questions please get in touch on +44 (0) 7454 286 443 or email info@keithmoss.co.uk  Keith will be happy to help.

Don't dilly dally and be disappointed BOOK NOW.


CAPACITY: Max: 1 per date

DURATION: 10 am – 5 pm approx.

WHAT TO BRING: A film camera 35mm or medium format, or Keith will provide one if you don’t have one.




Wide-angle lens, short telephoto lens, ND graduated filter, ND filter, Red, Yellow or Orange filter, Tripod.



A film, appropriate chemistry, papers, and negative carriers are all included in this workshop.

Due to Covid-19 regulation, we can't provide refreshments so please bring your own.

There is no minimum age, under 18s need an appropriate adult with them

The course will begin at the studio but some of it will take place outdoors, please dress appropriately and wear suitable footwear. We will provide tongs in the darkroom but please be aware that you will be working in an environment where chemicals may be handled.


Keith Moss Photography Studio,

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Saltburn by the Sea

North Yorkshire

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