One to One Photography Workshop

10 am to 4 pm  £295.00 

A one to one photography workshop is by far the best way of learning for obvious reasons, everything is tailored specifically to fit your particular needs whether you’re a beginner, seasoned hobbyist or semi-professional photographer.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what you need to learn or would like to learn next and especially hard to find someone to teach you with the relevant experience, so it’s always good to have a chat either via phone or Skype before you book your one to one workshop and you will be encouraged to bring your portfolio or a selection of images with you on the day so that I can assess where you are in your photography journey and darkroom skills if you wish.

To become an excellent photographer and darkroom technician you will need a combination of skills and technical knowledge. Having the perfect negative to start from is so important, as someone once said “If it isn’t on the neg you can’t print it!” so on this one to one workshop I’ll help you with shooting the images specifically getting the correct exposure as this is really important and will help you to develop your skill in the darkroom. The more information on the negative, especially in the highlights and shadows, the easier it is to print.

Whatever you need help with, whether it be in the darkroom or photography in general, I’ll help and encourage, assist and empower you to achieving your goal.

My approach to teaching is very relaxed and friendly and my studio, gallery and darkroom is a comfortable space in which to work as I believe that a calm and relaxed environment is important so for learning.

Why not treat yourself to a wonderful one to one session.

My one to one workshop is (subject to commitments) available all year round.

If you would like to suggest a date for your one to one workshop, please send me an email.

I can accept payment via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer, just email your details and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice with online payment option.

If you require any further help please don’t hesitate in contacting me directly at:   Darkroom: +44 (0) 1287 679 655   Mobile: +44 (0) 7454 286 443