Cameras & Film

We buy and sell vintage cameras both in our studio, gallery and online at ebay.

I have to confess I have a thing for film cameras. Looking at them, holding them and of course using them. It’s why I became a professional photographer over 30 years ago, it also gave me an excuse to own many different types.

There are so many film cameras to choose from, there’s rangefinder, twin lens, SLR, mono rail, box camera the list goes on. From time to time I tend to swap around which cameras I use, at the moment I’m using a 1959 Rolleicord VA  alternating with a Hasselblad C,  and a beautiful Leica M2.

If you or anyone you know has any film cameras or lenses no longer in use get in touch.  The studio is based in North Yorkshire just 1 mile from the beautiful Victorian seaside town of Saltburn by the sea. So if you are in the area and share one of my passions, call in and have a chat and a brew.