Rolleicord VA type 1, Review.

Rolleicord VA type 1

I have just recently returned from Barcelona where I’ve been running a street photography workshop. I took with me a Rolleicord VA type 1 which was manufactured in 1958. It has a Schneider Xenar F 3.5 taking lens and a Heidosmat viewing lens, cosmetically it’s quite a nice one too. Rolleicord cameras were aimed at the amateur photographer, while its bigger brother the Rolleiflex was aimed at the professional photographer. The Rolleiflex was better made but came at a much higher cost too, that said the Rolleicord cameras were built to a very high stranded.

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Review, Ilford HP5+ The perfect choice of film for shooting on the streets.

Today is a dull day, no sunshine and grey, grey skies but I want to go out with my Hasselblad, I haven’t used it for a while, I’ve been concentrating on 35mm, so today’s the day. I’m going to use a standard 80mm f2.8 planar lens and Ilford HP5+ film, this film is made for street photography.

I’m going to go into Middlesbrough, I’ve heard about an area where the houses have been partly demolished, supposedly in order to rebuild new houses. I want to explore…

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The Leica M3 Rangefinder Camera. Review.

Leica M3 a 35 mm rangefinder camera by Ernst Leitz GmbH, first made in 1954. The first of it’s kind and still the most successful model of the M series, a beautiful camera to own, hold and use.This is my second M3 rangefinder camera I have been lucky to own.

This one is single stroke version, built in 1962 and, shall we say, well used. Well it’s certainly not a shelf queen but still works beautifully even though there are a few knocks and dints, but mechanically it’s as good as the day it was first unboxed.

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Taking a Nikon F80 to Redcar

Regent Cinema, Redcar

Taking a Nikon F80 to Redcar to shoot a bit of street photography

I recently bought a Nikon F80 for £22.50 to add to my ever-increasing collection of street photography cameras and have been eager to get out and test it.

Nowadays more and more of us have jumped on the band wagon of digital cameras with bulging megapixels that cost megabucks, all in the endeavour to help us create the perfect image.

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Review of the Rollei 35 S

In this blog post I am wanting to give you a quick introduction to my newest camera, the beautifully small but perfectly formed Rollei 35 S.

Heinz Waaske is the man behind the Rollei 35, in the 1960’s Waaske started to create a prototype. In 1965 Waaske started to work for Rollei, the managing director Dr Peesel got a glimpse of Waaske’s prototype and was filled with excitement by the little camera. Peesel decided the camera should be developed further and be ready for the 1966 Photokina event.

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Olympus Trip 35. Review

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I in this blog post I want to talk about my Olympus Trip 35 camera.

As I am sure you are all aware I am a massive fan of film cameras, vintage and new.   Over recent months I have seen the rise in popularity with retro film cameras, and noticed the prices creeping up more and more.

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