Urban Portraits Book.

Urban Portraits book, by Keith Moss

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A journey of momentary encounters with others…


This book invites you on a journey of momentary encounters with others.
It is a visual account of the people we meet on the streets.
It is also a textual account of our approach to urban portraiture.     

Image and text combine to explain: what urban portraiture is, the ethics of capturing other people, ways of seeing, getting started, developing yourself, getting closer to people and what to do with the resulting images.

In short, we provide a guide to how to undertake urban portraiture through written word and image.


What is Urban Portraiture
Ways of Seeing
Being There
Developing Yourself
Getting Closer Still
After the Streets

The purpose of this book

The purpose of this book is to introduce you to the world, challenges and pleasures of Urban Portraiture.  Keith Moss’s photographic brilliance combine with Robert McMurray’s writing to guide you through a completely new way of approaching and photographing people in the street. It is a visual study in ways of seeing, relating to and capturing other people – an exploration of what it means to observe and recreate the world around us.   

This beautiful and engaging publication is designed for complete novices as well as experienced photographers looking for a new challenge. The book encourages you to consider: issues of context, who to approach and how to gain their trust to produce uniquely intimate images.  While based on decades of experience and scholarly thinking the book is designed to be light and engaging. Images dominate the book. The text works with the images to explain how they were taken and how you might do the same.

Keith Moss is an international photographer who has worked with prestigious photography brands such as Leica UK, Phase One and Ilford and with international companies, fashion leaders and universities.  His passion is Urban Portraiture and teaching others to photograph the people they meet.

Robert McMurray is Professor of Work & Organisation at the University of York.  He employs image and visual methods in his research, writing and teaching.

Book Size is A4 Landscape orientation, total pages are 189.

Coffee Stop Publishing ISBN number: 978-1-9997831-0-5