Istanbul Street Photography – a Lasting Impression

street photography Istanbul 4

When it comes to street photography I try not to travel anywhere with a pre-conceived idea of my destination. I also tend not to do any research in advance – Pat does all that – I want to arrive as a blank canvas, and immerse myself immediately. This doesn’t stop imagination and wonder however – I thought of narrow streets in an Egyptian style with quietness over it. Istanbul was none of these.

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Manchester Street Photography Course – Reconnaissance Part One of Two

Street Photography manchester1

Words by Kim West..

I’ve talked at length with Keith about his Street Photography style – his ethos, his way of working, his way of approaching Joe Bloggs – but I’ve not seen it in action – until today. I’ve also never seen a photographer chase a Filipino in Elvis sunglasses before, but there’s a first time for everything. Oh, and please don’t think Keith chases people down the street – he really doesn’t, but sometimes an opportunity is too good to miss.

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Manchester Street Photography Course – Reconnaissance Part Two of Two

Street Portrait in ancoats Manchester 1

Words by Kim West..

By the afternoon, we were well into our flow and images were finding us as quickly as we were finding them – and what better place to discover the true culture of the Northern Quarter than Affleck’s Palace. I can describe it only as an eclectic cave of an alternative department store; a place for smaller businesses to rent a space to exhibit or sell or create. Fantasy mixes with fashion, expressive teenagers and tattooed bear-like men rub shoulders with old ladies, young children and everyone in between. I even saw a guy who could pass for Johnny Depp. There was a definite retro feel to the place, you wouldn’t struggle to find anything from a 1950’s fur coat to an Eighties boom-box.

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Street Photography with Keith Moss – Passion and People

Black-and-white-street-photograph-of-the-fish-man-of-Borough-market Blog

Words by Kim West..

I met street photographer Keith Moss in his black and white print-filled studio in Brotton, North Yorkshire – a village on the edge of the East Coast and Yorkshire moors, its roots steeped in history; Brotton was a Roman stronghold, and built its back as a mining village. Originally from Morley nr Leeds , both himself and his wife (and partner in crime) Pat openly admit to being photographically seduced by the area – its rough beaches, dramatic weather and proper northern folk.

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A Street Photographers Trip to Edinburgh

Edinburgh Blog

Image by Keith Moss
Written by Guest Blogger Sarah Blenkinsop

It was a grim and grey (fortunately not raining) day as four of us descended on Edinburgh for our Street Photography course. We met in the Gallery Café, and Keith chatted with his students for the day, about what they were looking for and getting to know them. Fortunately their requirements and skillsets were similar, which meant that as the day went on they could compare and contrast their work with understanding.

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Ilford PanF Plus 50 ASA Film

evening dresses

Kat shot by Keith Moss on Ilford PanF Plus 50 ASA film.

My quest to shoot film continues, I am slipping back and putting my feet under the table like I have never been away.

Over the last two weeks I have been working with two of the models from the Ultimate Doll competition, the winner Kristi and one of the favourites Kat. Both are very different in their look as I’m sure you will agree when you see the images. The one thing they do have in common however, is beautiful skin which is essential when shooting film as you can’t retouch bad skin when you are printing in the darkroom.

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The Rise of Black and White Analogue Photography.

“When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes and dresses. But when you photograph people in Black and White, you photograph their souls!” Ted Grant known as ‘The Father of Canadian Photojournalist’


In this blog I’m going to talk about my love of analogue photography, nothing digital, no computers needed!!

But first I’ll tell you about the image above… yes believe it or not it was shot using black and white film! It’s one of my earliest images. I used a red filter which made the red of the KitKat bar lighter in colour and then an artist friend of mine hand painted in the red on my finished print.. Brilliant!

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