A tip on how to conquer your fear of street photography


I’m very lucky that my passion is my business, street photography. I shoot all over Europe in many wonderful cities. I’ve just returned from Warsaw, I’ve been there to develop our latest street photography adventure and I thought I would share one of my tips for building confidence when in a strange city, especially if you don’t speak the local language.

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Street Photography with Keith Moss – Passion and People

Black-and-white-street-photograph-of-the-fish-man-of-Borough-market Blog

Words by Kim West..

I met street photographer Keith Moss in his black and white print-filled studio in Brotton, North Yorkshire – a village on the edge of the East Coast and Yorkshire moors, its roots steeped in history; Brotton was a Roman stronghold, and built its back as a mining village. Originally from Morley nr Leeds , both himself and his wife (and partner in crime) Pat openly admit to being photographically seduced by the area – its rough beaches, dramatic weather and proper northern folk.

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Olympus Trip 35. Review

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I in this blog post I want to talk about my Olympus Trip 35 camera.

As I am sure you are all aware I am a massive fan of film cameras, vintage and new.   Over recent months I have seen the rise in popularity with retro film cameras, and noticed the prices creeping up more and more.

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In Search For The Perfect Landscape Locations In Northumbria


We’re camping in Dunston Hill near Embleton, a small village between Dunstanburgh Castle and Low Newton, a fine place to be if you’re hunting the odd landscape, which I am. I’m here location hunting for our up coming Landscape Photography course which is called the Iconic Coast and Castles landscape photography course in Northumbria.

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