Review, Ilford HP5+ The perfect choice of film for shooting on the streets.

Today is a dull day, no sunshine and grey, grey skies but I want to go out with my Hasselblad, I haven’t used it for a while, I’ve been concentrating on 35mm, so today’s the day. I’m going to use a standard 80mm f2.8 planar lens and Ilford HP5+ film, this film is made for street photography.

I’m going to go into Middlesbrough, I’ve heard about an area where the houses have been partly demolished, supposedly in order to rebuild new houses. I want to explore…

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The Rise of Artisan Analogue Photography

“When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and White, you photograph their souls!”  Ted Grant known as ‘The Father of Canadian Photojournalist’

In this blog I’m going to talk about my love of analogue black and white photography, nothing digital, no computers needed!!

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10 Days in Dubrovnik eBook

Over the past 20 years Keith Moss has built up a reputation as one of the finest black and white photographers in the UK. Keith creates thought provoking images offering the viewer an entirely new way of observing the world. Inspired by his surroundings, the people he meets and his responses to life, Keith’s images reflect the strong emotions he feels and provoke them in those who view his images.

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Black and white portrait

I thought I would share this Black and White portrait of Monica Harris, who is a cyber playboy model taken on a break.  

Shooting portraits is a passion not a job to me, capturing that moment when someone reveals themselves to you is something really special. 

There is no other feeling quite like it. 

Portrait was taken with a twin lens Rolleiflex 66 camera with a planer f2.8 lens film is Ilford delta 400 asa