Street photography and the problem of self projection.

Problems of self projection when shooting street photography.


I’m here in Barcelona teaching street photography to 9 students from South Essex College. I teach street photography a lot to all age groups and abilities in the UK and various cities across Europe and I’ve noticed that what people have problems with or struggle with are the same things and keep appearing time after time and they are mainly caused by “self projection”.
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La Boqueria

La Boqueria 10 years On..
I have just come back from Barcelona where we put on a 2 day street photography course.
Whilst there I wanted to re visit and photograph La Boqueria, its just one of those places that draws me.
Walking around this famous market is so inspirational, there’s so much you can photograph.
I spotted a fishmonger I photographed 10 years ago the same weekend, so i just had to get another analogue shot of her.
So here it is..
You can see the original analogue photograph of the same lady if you follow this link, its image 32 out of 52
I took this image on my recently acquired Fuji  GS 645 S professional Film was Ilford HP5 Plus 400 asa Exposure is 60th sec at F4
Let me know your thoughts…….

Los Caracoles

Street Photograph of one of my favorite restaurants in Barcelona, Los Caracoles.  Where on a previous visit i was invited into the kitchen to take photographs of the chefs working.
I took this on a Leica M4 with a 35mm Summicron F/2.0 lens, Film was Ilford Delta 400 asa

Barcelona parkour

We have just got back from working in Barcelona on our Street Photography Course, it’s been an amazing week so much has happened, so much to tell, which will come later.
We met these two guys who are Parkour, Free Runners.   Parkour is a way of life and these two are amazing, I and a couple of the others photographed them whilst they were in flight.
I wanted to do a analogue street portrait of them, I shot this on a new camera that has been added to my growing collection of film cameras, a Fuji GS 645 S Professional analogue camera, more on that later.
Black and white film of choice is Ilford HP5 Plus


Funnily enough this Analogue Black and White Street Photograph is called Toxic.
It was taken on the streets of one of my favorite cities, Barcelona.
The camera I used was the very beautiful twin lens Rolleiflex 6×6 F2.8 planar lens. This camera is so compact and portable and helps you blend into the surroundings.
Image quality is phenomenal, down to the Carl Zeiss lens me thinks.

Barcelona workshop

We go to Barcelona in the next couple of weeks to deliver a 2 Day Street Photography Course.  
This got me thinking about food, which in turn got me thinking of one of my favourite restaurants The Grill Room, which in turn got me thinking of this Analogue Photograph I took of the starter chef making one of my favourite starters Tomato Bread with loads of Spanish Iberian ham…
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