Street Photography Manchester

graffiti man Manchester

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m driving to Manchester to deliver a street photography workshop in the popular Northern Quarter. For a change the weather is looking good as its been a long wet and cold winter.  On arriving I head for the meeting spot which is the very trendy Koffee Pot at the top of Oldham Street, it’s only 9am and I’m the first in for a delicious breakfast of eggs benedict and freshly brewed coffee .

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Urban Exploration Photography

Urban Exploration Photography Scotland Urban exploration truck cab

Urban Exploration Photography is not something I have done for a long time, well it’s been a few years actually.  So I was going up to Scotland, Inverness to be exact, to work with Ffordes Photographic the best camera shop in the world..probably. I’m doing a street photography workshop and urban exploration photography in large format workshop too, exciting times as Scotland is by far one of my favourite places.

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Pinhole Photography is something I really love to do.

Pinhole photography woods nr Scarbrough107

Pinhole Photography is something I really love to do. I find it totally relaxing and is a great balance to my Street Photography. I have three different pinhole cameras each one has a different focal length which makes me take stock and really think about what I am doing when I am using them. Pinhole cameras are very simple in design, just a light-proof box with a small hole in one side and no lens attached. Light from the scene you are capturing passes through the aperture and projects an inverted image onto the opposite side of the box this is known as the camera obscura effect. Pinhole cameras do not have viewfinders so it’s down to  guess work or good judgement, depending on your experience of working with the particular camera that you have.

The pinhole camera I am using at the moment was made for me by a good friend of mine. It’s made from wood and is quite a solid unit but very, very light. It has a 5×4 film holder which holds two sheets of film. The advantage of this is that I can load up several film holders in the darkroom before I set off and have them with me pre loaded and ready to go. It means that I can shoot as many pinhole images as film holders I am carrying… Great!

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review. Olympus XA2 compact camera.

Olympus XA2 compact film camera

I picked up and Olympus XA2 compact camera whilst buying a collection of other cameras, it’s a camera I’ve always wanted to try being a street photographer.

The first thing the strikes you when you pick it up is its size, it’s tiny. The second thing is its weight, it’s surprisingly heavy for its size. It is of good quality solid metal construction with a plastic sliding clamshell covering and protecting the lens. It feels comfortable in your hands and it really does fit into your pocket.

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Rolleicord VA type 1, Review.

Rolleicord VA type 1

I have just recently returned from Barcelona where I’ve been running a street photography workshop. I took with me a Rolleicord VA type 1 which was manufactured in 1958. It has a Schneider Xenar F 3.5 taking lens and a Heidosmat viewing lens, cosmetically it’s quite a nice one too. Rolleicord cameras were aimed at the amateur photographer, while its bigger brother the Rolleiflex was aimed at the professional photographer. The Rolleiflex was better made but came at a much higher cost too, that said the Rolleicord cameras were built to a very high stranded.

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How Getting To Grips With Your Camera Can Make Massive Improvements

How getting to grips with your camera can make massive improvements to the quality of your blog.

Written by Frances Iona from Imogen & James

Why it’s now more important than ever to step up your photography game

Having been a blogger since 2012, I have watched the industry change dramatically. Now more than ever, the quality of photography is becoming so important, as more and more influencers are transitioning to high grade, editorial styles. I remember the days when bloggers would post phone quality images and YouTube videos from their webcams. Today, it is a professional career for many, and the majority of these bloggers use DSLR’s. I purchased my first DSLR around 2 years ago, but I’ve only just recently learned how to use it properly.

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A tip on how to conquer your fear of street photography


I’m very lucky that my passion is my business, street photography. I shoot all over Europe in many wonderful cities. I’ve just returned from Warsaw, I’ve been there to develop our latest street photography adventure and I thought I would share one of my tips for building confidence when in a strange city, especially if you don’t speak the local language.

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