Keith Moss Photography. I’m Keith.. I love photography. I absolutely love it. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s my passion. Ask me to choose which is my favourite genre of photography and I would say that it would be like asking a parent which is their favourite child. So I will say that my favourite genre of photography is the one I’m doing at the time. If I’m doing street photography I’m in the zone and loving that, If  I’m doing landscape photography I’m being fulfilled loving that, if I’m doing portrait photography whether in the street or in the studio… well you get the picture. But what I can say is that my favourite medium is black and white film. I am an analogue photographer.

My first camera was an Olympus OM10. I’d spend days and days just going out and about and in the studio practising and experimenting. Eventually building up a nice collection of film cameras. One of the great things about film cameras is that there are so many to choose from so at the moment I’m using a Rolleicord VA. This is the first Rolleicord I have used as I had always preferred the Rolleiflex but I have to say the image quality from the Rolleicord is excellent. I’m also using a Hasselblad C, a Leica M2 and a Pinhole camera too.. I like the variety..

I’ve worked with some of the industry’s most prestigious photography brands, Leica UK, Phase One, and I’m very proud to say that I’m also an Ilford Photo Artisan Partner. They asked me back in 2012 to join this very small group of photographers and obviously jumped at the chance. You can find some of my work for sale here at House of Ilford. During my professional career over the last 30 years I’ve worked for many companies working nationally and internationally and for companies such as Unilever, Hilton International Hotels, Barker and Stonehouse, Laura Ashley and Mercabarna which is a wholesale market in Barcelona and of course I had to shoot digitally, but my heart has always been and will always be in film.

I’ve exhibited my photography for some 15 years now. My first exhibition was at the prestigious Salts Mill in Saltire which is just outside Bradford. It’s the home of David Hockney’s permanent exhibition. I remember it felt like I was pulling my teeth out, I felt so exposed and it still does sometimes. To date I have exhibited in Brick Lane London, Lady Lever Gallery Port Sunlight and throughout the UK. It’s something I should do more often but it seems I don’t have the time these days.

Now I buy and sell film cameras and enjoy passing on my experience and the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. So I give advice to anyone wanting to use a film camera as well as running small group workshops for film photography and darkroom experiences.

Teesside university, Newcastle College, Northumbria university, South Essex College, York university and Cleveland College of Art and Design are among a few universities and colleges where I guest lecturer and run photography workshops. I’ve also mentored many professional photographers through Digital City which is the business arm of Teesside University and Redcar and Cleveland Enterprise for new startups, and from time to time have contributed to several physical and online photography magazines like Professional Photographer, Amateur Photographer, Digital Photographer, and Photography for Beginners.

My main focus for my workshops is that you enjoy them and have fun and go away feeling more confident with your own photography. I teach in a practical way, showing you how to do things rather than in a classroom sort of environment. There’s no technical language or jargon used and I keep my workshops small so that I can give you plenty of one to one time.

So if you have an urge to get into film photography and need a film camera or fancy having a go at street photography including street portraiture, being in the great outdoors shooting landscapes or dabbling in the darkroom give me a call, it would be great to see you.

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