How Getting To Grips With Your Camera Can Make Massive Improvements

How getting to grips with your camera can make massive improvements to the quality of your blog.

Written by Frances Iona from Imogen & James

Why it’s now more important than ever to step up your photography game

Having been a blogger since 2012, I have watched the industry change dramatically. Now more than ever, the quality of photography is becoming so important, as more and more influencers are transitioning to high grade, editorial styles. I remember the days when bloggers would post phone quality images and YouTube videos from their webcams. Today, it is a professional career for many, and the majority of these bloggers use DSLR’s. I purchased my first DSLR around 2 years ago, but I’ve only just recently learned how to use it properly.

Bloggers photography workshop makeup 1Photograph from Imogen and James.

The day I stopped using my camera in Automatic mode and learnt how to use it in Manual was a game changer for my blog Imogen & James. Learning and understanding the use of the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture, transformed my photography. Not only were the photos more accurate to my own perception of the environment, but I suddenly had the ability to control what I wanted someone to focus on, or ignore, and how I wanted the photo to feel. Making the switch, and discovering how much more control and input I had, and how much more I could bring out of my photos, was incredibly empowering

Bloggers photography workshop makeup 4


Bloggers photography workshop karen millen dress

Why is it so important to have good photos on your blog?

The business of blogging is very different from how it was a decade ago. The content bloggers produce now is very similar to producing your own personal magazine online. I have noticed a huge shift in the quality of visual content – content that at first, I wasn’t able to match. Editorial style images, that are becoming commonplace in the bloggersphere, have a very particular aesthetic, which requires a great deal of camera control. So for me to achieve the type of quality I do now, required a lot of learning.

Bloggers photography workshop shoes

The payoff is a far more professional look, which means better lookbooks, product shots, and location shots. Being able to more accurately portray the looks on my blog gives my readers a much better idea of how they look, and that translates into clicks and purchases.

Bloggers photography workshop canon 5 D mk 3

What am I using now?

Over the years, I have upgraded my photography equipment, and I now use a Canon DSLR camera from their professional range. Investing in the Canon 5D Mark III has been one of the best investments in my blog. The quality of taking my photos in RAW, allows me to edit my photographs professionally, using Lightroom software and bring them to life.

Bloggers photography workshop example

On left unedited photo – Imogen & James.  On right edited photo using Lightroom – Imogen & James

Invest in your photography and your blog will stand out for the crowd

With so many bloggers out there now, one of the main ways to stand out will be to make your blog as visual a possible. Buying the right equipment and knowing how to use it to its full potential will be the key to your success.

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