A Street Photographers Day Out in North Shields.

Wm Wright LTD of South Shields

Street Photography in North Shields

It isn’t very often you find a old fashioned shop full of character, selling award winning Bacon, Fisherman’s Cough Elixir and Head Splitters, but when I do find one I’m in like a shot because it’s usually full of local characters.

Wm Wright LTD of South Shields Shop front

Wm Wright LTD of South Shields

I’m talking about Wm Wright LTD of North Shields. It’s a bigger and better version of Ronnie Barker’s Open All Hours. You could spend an hour or so just looking at all the funny wooden signs which cover the entire shop, it sells things that I thought were long gone and things I’ve never heard of like Head Splitters, “what are they?” I hear you ask.. They are the most sourest boiled sweets and they do exactly what it says on the packet, it’s like sucking a Sicilian lemon!.

A true character behind the counter

The gentleman behind the counter is hilarious, full of wit, charm and devilment, a true character. He abuses you and makes you smile at the same time, it makes shopping there a real pleasure and does the best bacon and sausage sandwich I’ve had in a long time. It’s also a fantastic place to shoot some street portraits, everyone inside was very willing to pose for me.

Inside of Wm Wright LTD of South Shields

The place has history

The place has history too, it’s been established for 75 years and supplied the fishing vessels from all over the world with food. In the past it had supplied the local fishing fleet all year round, first the sprat fishing then the herring then the whitefish and finally the prawn fishing.

Crown of over 100 drinking houses

The building was originally the highlander hotel, the jewel in the crown of over 100 drinking houses along the bottom road of the fish quay in North Shields.  Sadly it’s closing next year which is a real shame, places like these are the lifeblood of the community, it will be a sad day.


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