The dog, the ice cream van and a Leica Monochrom

The dog, the ice cream van and a Leica Monochrom

Lindesfarne, my favourite place

So today I went to one of my favourite places in Northumberland, Holy Island or as it’s known by some, Lindesfarne. The most beautiful island.  I always go to where you can find the upturned boats which have being used as storage and one of man’s best friends, the shed.

Meeting man’s best friend.

On my way I met the other of man’s best friends, a dog. He was a characterful old Labrador sat looking at the ice cream vender in his van. He was clearly wanting a freebie so I had to take a shot. There was a steady stream of people passing by, most were engaging with the dog and then saying to the ice cream vender, “go on, give him an ice cream.”

Leica Monochrome

I wanted to capture the image as quickly and quietly as possible as I didn’t want to distract the dog from his task, so I used my Leica Monochrom with a 35mm F2 Carl Ziess lens. It’s a beautiful camera to use and the images you get from it are just stunning, ultra sharp with a great tonal range.

When I had finished photographing the scene I had a chat with the ice cream vender and he told me “this is the second cornet I have given him in 10 minutes, the dog’s costing me a fortune and he won’t leave”  I smiled and thought to myself “what a clever dog”… it was like a Peter Kay sketch.. I walked on.  

Then just by chance I met the owner of the dog around the corner, he was shouting for the dog so I told him where he was and he laughed and said “I should’ve known, he’s always round there, he loves his ice cream; he does the same to the burger and chip van waiting for his chips, that’s why the damn dog is overweight. He helps himself to his fare share of fish from the fisherman’s huts too.” and carried on to get his beloved dog shaking his head..

A legend on Holy Island!

Although I don’t know the dogs’ name I’m sure he will become a legend on Holy Island!

Image taken on Leica Monochrom with a 35mm F2 Carl Ziess lens.

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