A tip on how to conquer your fear of street photography


I’m very lucky that my passion is my business, street photography. I shoot all over Europe in many wonderful cities. I’ve just returned from Warsaw, I’ve been there to develop our latest street photography adventure and I thought I would share one of my tips for building confidence when in a strange city, especially if you don’t speak the local language.

No matter where I go I tend to use a Leica R4 or R5 with a 35mm lens on the camera, this means that I have to get up close to my subject matter. In my case it’s people and sometimes, like all of us, I can feel a little lacking in confidence from time to time with regards to pointing my camera at strangers in close proximity.

One of the tricks that I do to conquer this is to stand in the middle of the street where there are a lot of people and just look through the view finder and point my camera at oncoming people. I don’t take a shot, I just stand there for about 30 seconds to a minute and watch the people pass me. I take in their reactions; it always astounds me that for the vast majority of time people pass me as if I’m not there with only the odd person looking directly at me but just at a glance.

This tells me a lot about people in general and also about the city I’m working or teaching in, but most importantly it gives me the confidence to work the streets without fear, smile and be myself.  None of us are confident all of the time, all of us are only human. Try my little tip, it may help you to conquer your fear of shooting up close on the streets.

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