Why Follow the Crowd campaign launch at Focus

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Looking at the image above would you believe that it has had no form of retouching?

I created this image using Ilford PanF 50 film with my Bronica, no retouching has taken place on this image. I made sure all aspects were perfect before I captured the image, so I knew that when I developed the negative I would be greeted with a perfect image.

This is the image I shot for my Why Follow the Crowd campaign which I will be launching on the Ilford stand at the Focus on Imaging event on the 3rd of March, where I will be shooting Louise Pridding live using Ilford film.

Why Follow The Crowd

Social Photography Business Course

The social photography market has become saturated; suddenly it seems that everybody who owns a digital camera can class himself or herself as a professional, thus driving the price of your time and expertise down.

Most are competing in a very competitive market making it harder to earn a good living without burning yourself out.

It seems that many photographers spend too much valuable time on the computer retouching the mountain of images just taken, is this because we feel we have to use retouching software programs on our images? Or do we use retouching programs to make sure we’ve got the perfect image? After all it doesn’t cost us anything does it? Or does it? Time is money, time spent retouching is time not earning, so why not make sure the image captured in the camera is perfect?

The question I am frequently asked is ‘How do I differentiate myself from the masses?’ We all want to find that niche market, where customers value your talent, time and knowledge and are prepared to pay for it.

The way to do this? Try shooting Film. It will save you time and give your images a beautiful artisan quality, which will result in a higher value end product.

I have joined forces with Ilford and a marketing guru to bring you my Social Business Photography Course, if you are interested in participating or want to know more come and see me on the Ilford stand at Focus or drop me an email.

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