Review of the Rollei 35 S

In this blog post I am wanting to give you a quick introduction to my newest camera, the beautifully small but perfectly formed Rollei 35 S.

Heinz Waaske is the man behind the Rollei 35, in the 1960’s Waaske started to create a prototype. In 1965 Waaske started to work for Rollei, the managing director Dr Peesel got a glimpse of Waaske’s prototype and was filled with excitement by the little camera. Peesel decided the camera should be developed further and be ready for the 1966 Photokina event.

When shown for the first time at Photokina, the Rollei 35 was greeted with delight and from then on became a firm favourite with Photographers; Professional and Amateur. About 2 million Rollei 35 cameras have been sold worldwide.

Due to the popular demand in 1967 Rollei decided to make a luxury model; the Rollei 35 S. Carl Zeiss were assigned the task of creating a 5 element lens; the Sonnar F2.8, an extremely sharp lens on a tiny camera.

For a long time I have wanted to add a Rollei 35 S to my camera collection, and I was fortunate enough to find one on the market at a very reasonable price.

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I wanted to add a Rollei 35 S to my camera collection because of how small and compact they are, the main reason for me purchasing this camera is so that I can always have it with me; I can constantly be shooting.

When my camera arrived I could not wait to get my hands on it and get shooting, since the day it arrived I have not put it down. The Sonnar F2.8 lens is completely mind blowing, everything about this camera is pure top quality, It is just as good as my Leica and half the size. As soon as I took the Rollei out the box I got a film loaded in the back and started shooting. The images I have produced from the camera are beautiful, the lens really is something special.

The Rollei 35 S can also be synced up to the studio, which is another exciting possibility, as the next shoot I create I am going to test out my little Rollei.

My Rollei 35 S is going to be a camera I compose many blog posts on, in the next Rollei post I will show you some of the images I have created with the camera.

Anyone interested in purchasing a Rollei 35 S or any of the Rollei 35 models, I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed with the results.

If you would like to try this camera or any of my film cameras why not join me on my next Darkroom Course?


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