Night Street Photography in Whitby.

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We’re so lucky up here in the North East for locations there are so many to choose from, Whitby, is a little gem for night street photography.

Night photography always makes me think of fish and chips and if i’m done in time finish off with a couple of pints. So Whitby it is, fantastic by day and stunning by night, the best fish and chips and some fantastic pubs, Oh and it’s also Goth weekend.

Kit packed, this time what’s in my bag is my trusty Mamiya 645 AFD. I have replaced the film back with my Phase One P40 + Digital back, the main reason for not taking my Phase One DF body is that I have no cable release for it and to be honest the Mamiya just feels more robust for night photography. I’ve also packed a Lee filter kit, namely the 06 Grad and a polarizer, a torch and my carbon fiber Manfrotto tripod.

Pat dropped me off just over the bridge so that I could get in position and set up whilst she parked and got the obligatory fish and chips, with plenty of salt and vinegar.

The location of choice was the steps leading up to the abby. This location is well trodden by almost every photographer, or so it seems, but I like a challenge..I often ask myself why?

Tripod up, camera on, cable release fitted, lee filter holder on and grad inserted..OK I’m ready. Pat arrives just in time with a smile on her face, fish and chips in her hands and we settle down and devour our fish and chips and wait.

I take a light reading whilst watching the sun disappear over the horizon. My rule, what ever the reading, is to under expose by two stops, then test and wait again. Believe it or not preparation and timing are the key as there is usually a very short time span between it being too light or too dark, to capture the photograph I am after.

Coming up with a new angle in a location like this one, which has been done and better done, you do sometimes need a bit of luck too and in my case a car with it’s headlights on coming round the corner. So a 4 second exposure later and boom! there it is, the image I was after.. and now all that’s left to do is to pack up and call into a favorite pub The Black Horse Inn which is one of the oldest pubs in Whitby, it serves a good selection of cask ales which we are both into at the moment and Kiln roasted peanuts Mmmm…Two pints later and I’m feeling very happy with my nights work.


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