In Search For The Perfect Landscape Locations In Northumbria

We’re camping in Dunston Hill near Embleton, a small village between Dunstanburgh Castle and Low Newton, a fine place to be if you’re hunting the odd landscape, which I am. I’m here location hunting for our up coming Landscape Photography course which is called the Iconic Coast and Castles landscape photography course in Northumbria.

On day one we took a stroll, well more like a marathon, 5hours, covering every nook and cranny looking for the perfect landscape featuring Dunstanburgh Castle. Four hours in we found it.. all I will say is that it was worth it and it’s only a short stroll away from a convenient car park too.

I often find that with any landscape it’s worth walking the course so to speak, just like a golfer. You have to get to know the area intimately, feel its energy and above all connect with the landscape, it has to say what you are feeling, it has to have that drama, it has to have your own stamp on it.

Light is the next piece of the puzzle, what light do you need to create the right atmosphere, more often than not I find its not there when you first find the location and so the waiting game begins. Looking to the sky, checking the weather forecast, waiting… waiting.

Finally the conditions are good, nearly perfect, I’m off at the gallop! On this occasion with my trusty Mamiya 645 AFD a 35mm lens and two rolls of film; Ilford Delta 100 and Ilford Pan F + a selection of Lee filters; red, a grad and my trusty polarising filter and of course the obligatory tripod.

When I arrive it’s like camping, looking for my spot, placing all I need around me, looking, feeling.. then the craft.. the alchemy, waiting.. waiting, then pressing the shutter, magnificent, amazing, the pleasure washes over me.

That feeling of elation stays with me all night and the anticipation of the darkroom session, the sniff of the chemistry, just wonderful….

If Northumberland inspires you and you wish to join us, you can book on this 2 day landscape photography course by following the link.


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