Getting it right in the camera.


Kristi shot by Keith Moss on Ilford PanF Plus 50 ASA.

Whether you shoot digitally or feed your soul by shooting film, getting it right in the camera is so important.

In my experience nowadays so many photographers don’t get it right in the camera and then spend precious time, which they don’t get paid for, in Photoshop or some such software program.

The problem with this is that it takes up valuable time, time that could be spent doing more paid work or prospecting for more work.

This is why I still shoot a lot on film, it hones my skills and keeps me focused.. Oh and it also feeds my soul. I have to say not all my work is shot on film, my clients sadly don’t want that anymore, so I still shoot most of my fashion and commercial work digitally, but I shoot it in exactly the same way as I shoot film. At the end of the day the client goes home with the finished shots on a disk or pen drive… job done. Getting it right in the camera allows me to free my mind at the end of day, go on to the the next, ready for the next challenge.

It’s a shame that this has happened, I feel that we have lost so many skills in this disposable world of digital photography. It happens to us all, as soon as we pick up a digital camera we loose our edge and focus, we let tiny things slip thinking I’ll put that right later.

Shooting film and getting it right in the camera is something to be treasured, something to be proud of, it helps us become more disciplined and hones our talent.

One last thought.. Talent is always sort after, always in demand and commands a certain price.

Take a look at my film and darkroom course, be good to see you on the next one..

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