10 Days in Dubrovnik eBook

Over the past 20 years Keith Moss has built up a reputation as one of the finest black and white photographers in the UK. Keith creates thought provoking images offering the viewer an entirely new way of observing the world. Inspired by his surroundings, the people he meets and his responses to life, Keith’s images reflect the strong emotions he feels and provoke them in those who view his images.

The last few months have been very busy for Team Moss. We have been working away at designing and creating an eBook about our stay in Dubrovnik. We visited many stunning places; Dubrovnik Old Town, Perest, Kotor, Mostar, Ston and many more. 

The E-book is something that Keith is very passionate about, the images featured in the book are an extension of his soul. Keith pays tribute to beauty, emotion and passion, that maybe forgotten in our hectic lives.
 Carpet seller in Mostar by Keith Moss.
Purchasing 10 days in Dubrovnik you will not be disappointed, the eBook is jam packed full of beautiful black and white images, amusing videos and interesting information about the different areas we visited. 
Man reading in Dubrovnik Old Town by Keith Moss.

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